Why should you vote for a Tron Super Representative, and who should you vote for?

A lot of people are excited about voting for a Tron Super Representative. Other people don’t see the point of it. I’m here to tell you about it.

The Tron blockchain is very similar to Ripple’s, except that Ripple owns all of the nodes on the network. That’s good for maintaining control, but it’s not decentralized, and its growth is limited.

What Tron has done is outsourced the running of their network. The Tron Super Representatives are 27 organizations who run “witness nodes” which are the nodes that produce blocks. The original PoS, proof of stake, required a witness node to deposit a large amount of coins into a stake account which proved they have a vested interest in keeping the blockchain intact. DPoS, or delegated proof of stake gives every coin a vote on who will be the witness nodes. DPoS works on a system of levels of trust. By voting for an SR, you are saying that you trust them to be a block producer.

Some SR’s will share their earnings with the voters who elect them. Sometimes this is an outright bribe, sometimes it’s an incentive, and sometimes it’s just to compensate the traders who feel that locking their coins up for voting turns it into “dead money.”

It’s unfortunate that right now the competition is to see who can give the biggest reward as an enticement. That’s not how it should work, and many have criticized rewards-for-votes, because if an SR gives away 100% of their rewards, and it costs up to $40k a month to run a witness node, then you gotta figure they might try to dishonestly supplement their income.

It’s up to each TRX coinholder to decide who are the most trustworthy organizations offering to run witness nodes. You could even say it’s a responsibility that every TRX coinholder has to bear.

As I said before, Tron is outsourcing the running of the network. That pretty much means that the Super Representatives are who you turn to when you need support. So in addition to being reliable, you also want to vote for a Super Representative who provides accurate information and is an asset to the community.